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Where women rise… we develop, unite and celebrate to ignite the global advancement of women.

Join us in Orange County, California June 18-21 2019!

Develop, Unite and Celebrate

Our Specialties

Helping entrepreneurs rise by building her


Standing out from the sea of sameness can be challenging. The power of confidence unlocks opportunities for women to achieve more and dream bigger. Strengthen your confidence through WOW and discover how to powerful you truly are.


Each and every day we are faced with new opportunities and challenges.  Our members are given tools to help them grow stronger in their leadership.  This leadership goes with them into their business and family. Women of wealth supports the development of leadership blossoming from leading oneself, to leading others towards their dreams.


We are all leaving behind a wake as we journey through life.  What is your HERstory and how can we help you turn your mess into your message. Develop your legacy by enhancing your influence to leave the world better than you found it.

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Becoming a member is easy and we have two categories of membership to choose from.


June 18 – 21

The WOW Women of Wealth retreat is a week long event that will elevate your awareness for business and life.  Most work related events have content that is specific to your industry.  The WOW retreat is structure to develop the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sides of ourselves while developing each person into a woman of wealth.


Hear from women all around the country about how WOW is making an impact in their lives!

WOW has empowered in me the opportunity to build lasting relationships with like-minded women all over the nation. WOW has also instilled in me the significance of having balance in my personal and professional life.SUSAN CREEKMORE

“I have been a satisfied WOW member since its inception in 2015 because of the ongoing powerful networking connections it provides, the fabulous annual experience we share and the unlimited and unwaivering support it includes from our top female AF leaders. Providing solutions for all aspects of your financial future, including Pension Maximization, IRA/Roth/403(b) strategies, college planning, and flexible premium, living benefit life insurance with cash accumulation.CLAIRE READER

WOW has made a positive impact on my life because it allows me to serve in the community, and serve the women of WOW.  It is allowing me to build people as I’m building and progressing in my purpose.JAMILA NATHANIEL

Debelop, Unite, Celebrate


Women of Wealth, creating a Global Legacy, ignited by women entrepreneurs committed to living their authentic vision.

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