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With over 35 years of collective experience in the financial services industry and corporate america, our board of directors provide a platform for feminine leadership, development and growth.

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Each and every day we are faced with new opportunities and challenges.  Our members are giving tools to help them grow stronger in their leadership.  This leadership goes with them into their business and family.

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WOW Women of Wealth started as the women’s initiative in Appreciation Financial. At the time January 2015, we did not have any female leaders in the company and the top women of the company, Hawley Woods Gray, Lisa Ryerson and Krista Neeley Gonzalez united together to provide a place and platform to the women of Appreciation Financial to get their voices heard and their needs met. Knowing that leadership and business is different for women, seasoned expert and go-to coach, Rachelle Caco, was brought in to bridge this needed gap for women around the world.

WOW gives women a place to go to get the support and appreciation they need to do their best work at home and in their business.  We work specifically on cultivating confidence, self esteem and leadership skills that help women break through the glass ceiling in their companies and workplace. We also have a unique way of developing the feminine leader to where we are not in competition with each other, however we thrive on collaboration. Leadership is an interesting opportunity and while many of our top producers at Appreciation Financial are women, that is not the norm at other financial industry leaders or even in other vertical markets, here at WOW we think it will be.


WOW Board allows us the opportunity to collaborate and connect with women across the county and provide a platform for feminine leadership development and growth, ultimately building confident, successful women that strive to be at the top in their chosen field.
Hawley Woods Gray

Hawley Woods Gray

Managing VP and Co-Founder of WOW

WOW Co- Founder and MVP
Managing Vice President with Appreciation Financial and Co-Founder of WOW Women of Wealth, Hawley Woods Gray has been in financial services for over 15 years.  As an executive loan officer at Online Mortgage Hawley learned first hand how women in business needed support from other women.  She helped create WOW in order to provide that for the women at AF.  Additionally, building her Appreciation Financial business with her husband, she understands the need for powerful partnership in every aspect of life to be successful.  She and Bobby oversee the efforts of 75+ agents in Southern and Central California as well as an office in Tucson.  The legacy Hawley is leaving incorporates her service along with financial freedom for women.  She is committed to having 100 women on her team that are producing a minimum of six figures each year. A fun fact about  Hawley, she learned how to juggle as an athlete, first softballs then volleyballs.  Hawley lives in southern California with her husband, Bobby and her two boys, Adrian 17 and Jackson 5.
Lisa Ryerson

Lisa Ryerson

Co-founder of WOW and Regional VP

WOW Co- Founder and RVP
Co-founder of Women of Wealth and a Regional Vice President at Appreciation Financial, Lisa is a top producer in the financial services industry. In 2015, Lisa received the rookie of the year award at Appreciation Financial. During that same year she was also induced as the first female into the $50K/Month club.  She founded WOW because she really wanted to empower and lift other females to achieve their goals.  The legacy that she is committed to leaving  is through her philanthropic efforts , she will donate $2,000,000 by the time she is age 60 to find a cure for this dreaded disease that claimed her brothers life.  Additionally she has future goals to fundraise millions of dollars for multiple charities. She’s married with two amazing sons.  She loves to laugh, travel, and give back.
Krista Neeley Gonzalez

Krista Neeley Gonzalez

Managing VP and Co Founder of WOW

WOW Co- Founder and RVP
Managing Vice President and Co Founder of WOW, Krista Neeley has been in the financial services industry since 2011.  She manages nearly 70 agents in Houston, Texas.  Krista is proud of her accomplishments of being the first female $100K earner and MVP at Appreciation Financial.  Her desire to see women rise up to leadership positions and thrive in business inspired her to help start Women of Wealth with the founding members. She is the happy mother of three fantastic little girls who inspire her to create a legacy they can be proud of and build WOW as a leading supportive network for women. Krista and her husband Rob were married in Fiji and enjoyed a 3 month long honeymoon around the world to 9 countries and they continue to love worldwide travel. She is most proud of her loving marriage and family.

Our Board Members

Jamila Nathaniel

Jamila Nathaniel

Field Vice President

Read Jamila's Bio
Field Vice President out of Denver, CO.  She has been in the financial industry for 2.5 years.  She became a WOW board member because she truly enjoy serving others and WOW has given her the ability to do that.  The legacy she committed to leaving is LOVE, wanting people to see God’s love in her.  One of her proudest accomplishments is qualifying and playing on the women’s professional football team in Denver.  Something goofy that she does…like in the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carey, she have “the claw” that comes out and plays with her niece and nephew (and it has a Bulgarian accent).
LaSausha Walker

LaSausha Walker

Agency VP of Appreciation Financial

Read LaSausha's Bio
Agency Vice President of Appreciation Financial, LaSausha Walker (Sausha) moved from Michigan to Texas in 2010 as a full time employee at Chase Bank. With the encouragement and support of friends and family, she joined Appreciation Financial in 2015. In 2016, Sausha became a $100K earner, received her AVP promotion and manage to be on the $10K club. Sausha is part of the WIFS(Women in Insurance and Financial Services) organization as a mentor and a member on the WIFS Board for the Houston Chapter. In her free time, LaSausha loves to travel, spend time with her family and friends and give back to the community. LaSausha’s favorite quote is “If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou
Gianna Campo

Gianna Campo

Agency Vice President

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Gianna Campo has been in the financial services industry for about 5 years. Gianna is clear that her career has ignited as a result of modeling her style producing after tope female agents. She believes we have tons to learn from each other in WOW. She committed to inspiring women to THINKING and BELIEVING themselves successful.   She is working towards becoming the first AF agent to cash flow $1,000,000 in a single year.   Something you may not know is that she went to school for Musical Theater, so ten years ago she would have been more comfortable tap dancing than talking about sales.
Rachelle Caco

Rachelle Caco

Ashley Patterson

Ashley Patterson


Brittany Golden


Jennifer Johnson


Stephanie Napolean


Patricia Kaloko

To Help Entrepreneurs Rise – Confidence. Leadership. Legacy.


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