Do you commit first and figure out later?

Over the course of the last 30+ days I have been reading books recommended from Danelle Delgado, my coach and mentor.  Although several books have been read, the one I am currently reading/listening to on replay is Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule.  Over the next 31 days, I will be taking a deeper look at each of these qualities commonly found in successful people.  Here we go…Commit First – Figure Out Later.

  1. Commit FirstFigure Out Later
    Most people assume that they have to figure everything out first and will commit once they do; however, they never seem to get around to it. Although it can be dicey to commit first and figure the rest out later, it is my belief that creativity and problem solving are stimulated only after a person fully commits.

I cannot think of a better example of commit first – figure out later than marriage.  I mean no matter how long you date someone, how close you are before you walk down the aisle, nothing can compare when it comes to figuring it out later.

Our story is one of perseverance, sacrifice, love and holding on tight to our faith through the trials.  No matter the couple there are trials.  Bobby and I started dating later in life.  I was 37 when we got married.  I thought I had everything figured out.  We got married in 2007, right before the financial crisis hit.  So early in our marriage money became an issue.

When we first started dating I was a successful loan officer.  Bobby owned a construction company and was also fairly successful.  After we got married I decided to start a non-profit volleyball club.  Although I was still doing loans, once the housing crisis hit, those loans were few and far between.  Bobby’s business took a hit as well.  During the first year of our marriage we had more figuring it out later than I have ever done in my life.  Thank God I had a partner.

During our first year of marriage we also got pregnant.  When I was nine weeks along I had an ectopic pregnancy, lost the baby and possible the chance to have my own child ever.  Without that commitment we had to each other, I don’t think our marriage would have made it through that time.  There was a period after I got out of the hospital where we did not talk to each other for 10 days.  I could barely look at Bobby, let alone talk to him.  I was devastated and he was happy.

What I didn’t know until much later, is we both lost a baby, however he almost lost me.  He was sad about losing our baby, he was happy he didn’t lose me.  I get it, just didn’t get it at all during that time in our lives.

We have had many times during our almost 12 year marriage where we have had to commit first and figure out later.  We are the type of people that jump.  I am so glad looking back now that we do.  Our next success trait that we will talk about tomorrow is Be highly ethical.

Share about a time in your life where commit first, figure out later applies.

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