Do You Have Big Goals and Dreams?

Over the course of the last 30+ days I have been reading books recommended from Danelle Delgado, my coach and mentor.  Although several books have been read, the one I am currently reading/listening to on replay is Grant Cardone’s book The 10X Rule.  Over the next 31 days, I will be taking a deeper look at each of these qualities commonly found in successful people.  Here we go…Have Big Goals and Dreams.

  1. Have Big Goals and Dreams
    The greatest regret of my life is that I initially set targets and goals based on what was realistic rather than on giant, radical thinking. “Big think” changes the world. Dream big, go big, and then figure out how to go bigger than that!

Go Big or go home was a common saying when I worked in the personal and professional training arena.  We always set big goals and had big dreams.  It is not uncommon for successful people to dream big and have big goals.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a few days at Danelle Delgado’s house.  We worked on some business planning and ideas.  How to launch WOW to the next level to ignite the global advancement of women.  She asked me what my biggest dream and goals are for my life.  I started sharing how I wanted to contribute x amount to our church and have a home that was x big and in x city, etc.  Danelle asked again, what is the big goal…after you have all that stuff what do you want to do?

My biggest dream, after all of the success and money given to the charities, the big dream …is to be able to give, boots on the ground after a tragedy, a storm, a crisis.  My family and I would be able to drop everything, fly in and be of service.  We would have the money to help of course, however the big goal is to be able to make a difference to a family in the middle of the worst they have ever been through.

I don’t know why, however I happen to be very effective when things are falling apart around me.  Not sure how I became good at this, however I am.  Like when my nephew needed to a place to live, we just jumped right into action.  Turning a crisis for this child into a safe and welcoming place for him to live, was not easy, however at the time we just did what we needed to do to make sure we could take care of him.

It might seem strange that someone would want their biggest goal to be a service goal.  However for me this would be what I want to teach my kids and how I would like to leave my legacy.  Being able to connect and true serve.  I guess this is how I create my own reality, which is something that we will be discussing tomorrow.

Share your biggest goal and dream?

My coaches have helped me in having big goals and dreams.  Even champions need help and run their business and life with a coach, a mentor, a program to move me forward.  Every professional athlete on the planet has at least one coach or mentor that helps them succeed.  Do you?  Check out WOW Advance, A 90 day mentoring program, Developed especially for men and women who want reach their goals in their business and life.  WOW, Where Women Rise…we develop, unite and celebrate mankind to ignite the global advancement of women.

Is WOW Advance your next step?

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